Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning in the Perth, Rockingham & Mandurah region for over 40 years

A service you can rely on. For professional carpet cleaning that consistently produces high results, use Magic Dry. We can restore tired and unhealthy looking carpets, improving their overall condition and lifespan.

The Benefits of using the Magic Dry Carpet Cleaning System

  1. Your carpets are left walk on dry when we are finished.
  2. We are experts at stain removal. If we cannot remove a stain, then nobody can.
  3. Our carpet cleaning process leaves no residue.
  4. Free power vacuuming included prior to cleaning.
  5. Free deodoriser included.
  6. The owner of the franchise is the person who cleans your carpets.

Our Carpet Cleaning Process

Step 1 – We shift what furniture we can. We work around what we can’t.
Step 2 – We thoroughly power vacuum all carpets using an industrial strength vacuum cleaner.
Step 3 – We may pre-treat some stains.
Step 4 – We dry clean the carpets. The Magic Dry process involves combining unique chemical technology with heat, agitation and reaction between two solutions. The process produces a capillary action which deep cleans carpets and leaves them dry enough to walk on.
Step 5 – Stain removal. If necessary we revisit any stubborn stains with specialised stain removal solutions.
Step 6 – We groom / rake your carpets with a carpet rake. This resets the pile and ensures the best possible result

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To book in our services in Perth, call us on 1800 672 900 and one of our staff members will be able to assist. Alternatively, if you have any price enquiries or other questions, we’ll be able to help!