Fabric & Upholstery

Upholstery & Fabric Cleaning

Magic Dry – the name and the people you can trust to clean and rejuvenate your fabric or upholstery lounge suite. We deliver the best result possible when cleaning upholstery lounge suites, dining rooms chairs, office chairs, varying couch styles and even fabric headboards.


Our upholstery and couch cleaning process

  1. Depending on the floor surface we are cleaning the couch or other furniture on, we may put protective sheeting down to prevent spillage on to the surface beneath the lounge suite.
  2. We thoroughly power vacuum the fabric/upholstery before commencing the cleaning process. This will remove as much loose dirt as we can.
  3. We may pre-treat some stains.
  4. We then dry clean your fabric/upholstery. The process involves combining unique chemical technology with heat and agitation. The result is a capillary action which deep cleans the fabric / upholstery with the added benefits normally associated with dry cleaning.
  5. Where safe to do so, we then also undertake a rinse and extraction. This may result in your furniture being left damper than if we just did the dry cleaning process, but the benefit outweighs the extra drying time.
  6. Stain Removal – We may revisit any stubborn stains. We have a range of highly effective stain removal solutions for various types of stains.

Our technicians have all been extremely well trained by knowledgeable professionals. They have since built upon this strong foundation with years of personal experience servicing customers just like yourself. Magic Dry franchisees understand the types of messes that commonly stain fabric and upholstery and know exactly what to do to get it looking good as new again.

Lighter coloured fabrics will benefit from a visit by our technicians. Our upholstery and couch cleaning process can brighten the colour of the fabric, restoring faded material to its former glory. Dirt and grime can turn a beautifully vivid couch into a faded mess – restore it to its former glory with help from us.

To ensure that your home has the cleanest leather furniture, mattresses and tiles and grout in the city, get in touch with our team today.