Mattress Cleaning

Perth’s Trusted Mattress Cleaning Service

Your beds can gather a lot of dust and harmful allergens which can inhibit your night’s sleep. Thankfully the same cleaning solutions that we use on fabric lounges, work equally well when used for our mattress cleaning available in Perth and beyond.

With our services, your mattress will be left sanitarily clean. Please note that yellow staining caused by bodily fluids cannot be removed. It will generally lighten a bit, but more often than not, it will not be removed. It is stained. To prevent this yellow staining we recommend using a mattress protector.

Our cleaning process

  1. The first step in the process is to prevent floor surface and carpets from any run-off that may occur. Depending on the floor surface we may put protective sheeting around the bedding.
  2. The next step in the process is to extract as much loose dirt as possible using our powerful commercial grade vacuum cleaners.
  3. A cleaning detergent is then sprayed on to the mattress.
  4. Depending on your type of bedding, the Magic Dry franchisee will then agitate the fabric of the mattress with a soft pad, which has been dipped in a neutralising agent. This will either be done manually by hand, or using a mini hand held rotary machine. This produces a capillary action which wet cleans deep within the mattress’ layers.
  5. If we were to just leave your mattress at this point, it would probably dry within an hour or two. However, we do prefer, where suitable for the type of bedding, to give the mattress a further rinse and extraction. While this does leave your mattress damp for longer, it does also produce a better result.

Contact us for those trickier cleaning dilemmas

Generally the above process is the way to go. Occasionally we come across more complex cleaning situations (blood, red wine, wax, paint, oil, grease, rust… the list goes on). In this case a more complicated cleaning process might need to be adopted together with the use of alternate products designed for these kinds of situations. Additional charges may apply.

The owner of the business is the person undertaking the clean whether the job be in Perth, Mandurah or Rockingham. He will be the best person to consult with and will advise. All of the Magic Dry technicians are experienced professionals with years of personal experience operating in your area. They know what is needed to get your mattress hygienic and looking cleaner than ever.

Contact us for those trickier cleaning dilemmas

Using only the most advanced cleaning equipment and supplies and keeping up to date with changing techniques, you can rely on your Perth franchisee to give you the best possible service. You can rest assured that anyone carrying the Magic Dry name has undergone extensive and rigorous training and is equipped to deliver one of the best mattress cleaning services in the region.

If you’re looking for a professional-quality cleaning service in the Perth area for your home or business, you’ve found one of the best. Offering cleaning services for carpets, tile and grouting, and fabric and leather upholstery, there’s nothing we can’t do.

Magic Dry has been providing exceptional cleaning services to Western Australia since 1971, and in that time we’ve built a well-deserved reputation for precision and quality customer service. To get your property sparkling, contact us today on 1800 672 900 or (08) 6189 1419 and we’ll have a technician sent at a time that’s convenient to you.